Ski binding setting ISO

One of the most important components to ski safely is the correct adjustment of the attachment of the ski, so that, in case of fall, the release of the boot and to avoid injury to the skier. Not everyone knows that there is about an ISO standard, which dictates the correct calibration value of ski binding, based on personal parameters such as weight, height, age and ability of the skier (ISO 11088).

To calculate YOUR release parameter of ski binding based on the ISO 11088, please complete the fields below and press the button calculate.

Enter your weight without considering any clothing or backpacks. Use the buttons to change the unit of measure you prefer.

Enter your height without considering any clothing, the heel of the boot or the helmet. Use the buttons to change the unit of measure you prefer.

The ability of skiing is defined in the following way:

  • BEGINNER Novice skier, who needs yet be confident on the ski slope. descends at moderate speed by skidding sometimes the skis.
  • EXPERT Skilled skier, with full control in the conduction of the skis, tackles any type of ski slope at high speed.
  • INTERMEDIATE Skier doesn't belong to the two previous categories.

Enter the boot sole length in millimeters. To get it, the boot can be measured with a meter or often can be found on the side of heel. If you don't know this information and you want however calculate an approximate value of release, enter your shoe size.

ATTENTION PLEASE! In this case the binding setting is only an indication



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